Sniper Rifle

MARS-H 7.62

The LMT® Modular Weapon System (MWS) is built to be everything a Soldier needs in a 7.62x51 rifle system: du-rability, modularity, and accuracy. The system pairs our MARS-H ambidextr ous lower receiver with our monoli th-ic upper receiver to offer an incredible number of cus-tomizati on opti ons. The MWS can be an automati c short-bar-rel battl e rifle or a semi-auto sniper rifle, and it can make that tr ansi ti on in a few minutes; no armorer required! The Briti sh Ministr y of Defence saw the force multi pli er this rifle could be and, after ri gorous testing, adopted it as their L129A1. They re-alized that when faced with a criti cal mission, where failure is not an opti on, the Soldiers in harm’s way should have the absolute best tool to get the job done.




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